Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Love Me Some (Whole) Apples

Just like Bailey, Hannah loves eating apples whole. The first time we found this out, Bailey had a huge apple she was eating and Hannah just kept following her around screaming. I made Bailey share, much to her dismay, and told her to take two bites then give it back to Hannah. Every time Bailey took her turn Hannah would shriek and yell until Bailey gave it back. I still insist they share an apple rather than both giving them an entire one to themselves because neither of them can finish it. Bailey has learned to take her two bites really really fast to try and keep Hannah's yelling to a minimum. It's quite adorable and I wonder why Hannah gets almost everything she wants. She definitely knows how to work all of us.

And yes, Hannah's sitting in a cardboard box in our garage. It's the only place I could get her to hold still and not drop her apple on the ground. Turns out the garage is a great place to take pictures. We have a north-facing garage door so it's pretty ideal.

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