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Learn and practice the art of photography
in a hands-on workshop.

Learning the basics of your camera and understanding lighting are fundamental to good photography. Join me in a three-hour interactive and discussion-based workshop where you will learn:
  • basic camera settings like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed
  • how to find and create good lighting
  • the basics of good posing including toddlers and families

We will learn things like:
  • what dials and settings on your camera you'll need to get the image just right
  • how to achieve bokeh or a blurred background
  • how to find good light and things to avoid when lighting your subjects
  • the equipment you need like lenses, reflectors, and some fun things to help with tough toddlers
  • how to pose individuals and families and how to capture candid moments

After learning these fundamentals, I will have a family come so you can practice photographing and applying the things you've learned. Bring your camera!

Three dates to choose from:
  • Saturday, May 10 @ 10 AM
  • Saturday, July 19 @ 10 AM
  • Saturday, September 20 @ 10 AM

Cost is $250 per person


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